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Insurance Defense & Coverage Litigation | Corporate Law

Insurance Defense and Coverage Litigation

Having successfully defended numerous insurance companies, businesses and individuals over the past decade, we are extremely well versed in the area of insurance defense and coverage. Whether your case involves workers’ comp, an automobile accident, product liability or any of the other myriad insurance claim issues – we can handle it for you.

Our four primary areas of insurance defense practice are automobile and trucking liability, premises liability, commercial general liability, and workers’ compensation defense. However, our other related areas of practice include:

• Product Liability
• Coverage Opinions
• Bad Faith Litigation
• Nursing Home Litigation
• Primary, Excess, Reinsurance

Regardless of whether your case requires courtroom litigation or if a settlement is the best solution – we will help ensure that your case is resolved quickly, efficiently and with your best interests served.

Automobile and Trucking Liability

We have a great deal of experience handling not only personal automobile claims, but also personal injury and cargo property damage claims involving the trucking industry and corporate fleets. At the Frederick Law Firm we are sensitive to the stringent requirements placed on the trucking industry. We are all well versed in Department of Transportation requirements and have the background and ability to evaluate each case, conduct discovery and formulate a plan of action to bring about a timely resolution on the matter.

Premises Liability

From simple slip and fall cases to any number of complex issues involving accidents and injuries – property owners and occupiers can face liability claims of numerous types. At the Frederick Law Firm we defend against premises liability claims filed against property owners, businesses and the insurance companies that cover them. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests – and we are committed to ensuring that you get the results you want and deserve in a timely manner.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability is one of the most broad and complex areas of insurance law – but the Frederick Law Firm is more than up to the task in this area of practice. From property damage to bodily injury, libel, operational liability, contractual liability, medical payments and more – we are here to make your case in court or negotiate favorable settlements.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

Defending self-insured employers and insurance companies against workers’ compensation claims is one of our most sought-after areas of practice. We have represented some of the most respected businesses and insurance companies in the region against workers’ comp claims and a variety of other labor and employment law cases. Regardless of the size of your company, you have a right and responsibility to protect your assets and the future success of your business – and the Frederick Law Firm is here to help you do just that.

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