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We are dedicated to meeting each client’s unique needs through prompt, professional, personal service and comprehensive legal experience.
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Who We Serve

We serve three primary groups of clients within the area of insurance defense, including insurance companies, self-insured businesses and third party administrators. Insurance defense and coverage is the heart of our firm, and we possess exceptional legal knowledge and experience in this area of law.

Insurance Companies

One of the things that set us apart from the competition in the insurance defense field is that we think like the insurance company when it comes to defending against claims. We are very conscious of saving our clients money and getting a file closed as soon as possible. We understand that insurance companies require a very well-documented file, and we have a great deal of experience in meeting the needs of insurance company administrators including litigation managers, litigation supervisors, claims adjusters, claims managers, claims supervisors and more. At the Frederick Law Firm we pride ourselves on being great keepers of information and are careful to provide our clients with all discovery results, medical records, documents and materials pertinent to each case. In a nutshell, we stay on top of everything from start to finish and are accountable for meeting your needs promptly and professionally.

Self-Insured Businesses

We are proud to have a history of long-term relationships with risk managers and other professionals at many self-insured companies encompassing a wide variety of industries. We are well in tune with our clients’ needs and are very familiar with the forces that drive decisions when it comes to defending claims against self-insured businesses.  Self-insured businesses are looking for aggressive litigation, and the Frederick Law Firm delivers that and more – leaving no stone unturned in defending you. We realize that false claims affect your bottom line and can cause your company to become a target. That is why we work hard to help ensure that businesses avoid giving money to people who don’t deserve it.

Third Party Administrators

We fully understand the role of third party administrators and their responsibilities to the companies for whom they work. That is why we are careful to report EVERYTHING to you so you can pass complete information along to the decision-makers involved in each of your insurance defense cases. In addition to providing comprehensive reports and documentation of administrative functions, we are very well acquainted with the venues in which we practice– which allow us to help make your job easier. In essence, we work in partnership with you toward the mutual goal of handling each case smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

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