Car Accident Lawyer in Lafayette, LA

Car Accident Lawyer in Lafayette, LA

Car accidents are serious events. Whether you have to deal with medical bills, car repairs, or some other type of personal injury, you will need some recovery time after being in an accident. Frederick Law Firm is Fast, Fair, and Focused, and we are here to help. In Lafayette, LA, call our professional and qualified team and put us to work for you.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

If you choose to file a claim after an accident, which is a helpful step in a lot of cases, you have two choices: you can represent yourself, or you can hire a legal professional to help. When you choose to hire us, you will get a few benefits. Frederick Law Firm is Fast, Fair, and Focused:


  • We are intimately familiar with the local laws.
  • We can quickly evaluate your rights.
  • We understand the timeframe associated with car accident claims.


  • We will work to get you the best recovery possible from the insurance company.
  • We provide you with the Frederick Fee Guarantee.


  • We will prove your case in court if we cannot resolve your claim beforehand.
  • We keep your interests in mind and will represent you professionally.

When you choose Frederick Law Firm as your car accident attorney, you can know our priority is you, and we will strive to get you the best outcome possible.

Why You Should Choose Frederick Law Firm

Frederick Law Firm is Fast, Fair and Focused on you.

Kevin Frederick has been serving the residents of Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas of Louisiana, with professional legal representation for 27 years. This experience benefits our clients during difficult times and has refined our skills and knowledge to help you as quickly as possible.

Also, we work so you can keep as much of your recovery as possible.  To do this, we offer the Frederick Fee Guarantee.

Finally, we are small so you can expect personal, customized service for your case.

If you have been in an accident in Lafayette, LA, or surrounding areas, you do not have to try to take on everything yourself. Hire Frederick Law Firm. Call today at (337) 269-5143.